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Maiden with sword - Haile

Happy Birthday!

Posted on 2012.09.18 at 09:44

Happy birthday, laudomia! I hope you have a lovely day!

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Writing Stroke Daily

Thank you!

Posted on 2012.04.16 at 06:58
Thanks to everyone who participated in our extended March Madness challenge at mind_spark! I've been coughing my head off with bronchitis for three weeks and it was a wonderful distraction.

I will be posting a new challenge in May--Mythical May. Look forward to seeing your entries for that!


Write NOW! Indy

New challenge

Posted on 2012.03.15 at 08:29
There is a new challenge posted at mind_spark. March Madness 2012--I hope you play!


Happy Birthday!

Posted on 2011.11.22 at 20:44
Happy birthday, magnetic_pole! Here's wishing you a lovely day!!


Crab nebula


Posted on 2011.11.03 at 08:42
Just as I was grumbling in my head about my lack of writing for a loooong time now, I check my friends' page and Jim Butcher has a post about the hard work of writing.

It's good. Read it here.

I need a swift kick in the ass to motivate myself. I have been overwhelmed by the quarter, divorce, bullshit in general, but those are just excuses.



Two versions of something

Posted on 2011.08.16 at 21:11
Variations on a themeCollapse )

goddess blonde reclining

FckH8 campaign

Posted on 2011.08.11 at 22:55
Play the video


Release Date

Posted on 2011.07.20 at 11:10
Current Mood: happyhappy

The anthology, Mother Goose is Dead will be released September 1, 2011, from Damnation Books! Very exciting news!



Writing Challenge

Posted on 2011.06.16 at 08:13
...we briefly interrupt the meme to note that...

There is a new flash fiction challenge posted at mind_spark. It can be found here.


Birthday Wishes!

Posted on 2011.02.12 at 08:23

Happy Birthday to my talented friend, authoress_susan!!

Have a wonderful day!

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