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Original Drabble

Cross-posted at mind_spark. 100-word drabble. Prompt: umber


Umber leaves frolicked in the cool breeze and teased the roots for being stuck.

Burrowing into the dark soil, the roots communed with what had been. Through hewn oak planks of coffins they bored, absorbing nutrients from rotting wood and rusting iron. Tenderly they wound around petrified bones, listening to the whispered stories of lives lived long before. Runners anchored to deeply buried stones that lamented the slow dying of the Mother, for the stones had attended Her birth in the Beginning.

The leaves waved to the sky, played in the sun, and thought themselves glorious.

The roots knew better.

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Mind Spark

The Summer Heat Challenge at mind_spark is ending today. There are some fabulous drabbles there! I've tried to keep up with the tags, so if you have a favorite author or genre, feel free to try a tag search.

My two entries are below:

flash (fantasy genre)

The hock sizzles, and flames flare up as fat drips into the campfire.

“By the moon, I can’t wait to taste it,” Tuck says, swallowing hard.

“The herbed brine will have drawn the bitterness from the flesh…or so my mother said when she was alive,” I tell him.

My knife’s blade flashes in the firelight as I carve into the meat. Juice streams down the flesh, soaking into the flatbread that holds it.

I sigh as I swallow my first bite. Glancing at the dragon carcass with one leg missing, I remark, “What a way to savor our enemy’s defeat!”

ice cream (bizarro genre)

It was the perfect strawberry sundae, topped with whipped cream and cherries. She thunked the bowl on the graying picnic table. Her mouth watered, but she didn’t have a spoon.

August sun blazed overhead, and soon the cherries tumbled off as the whipped cream deflated in the heat. Melted trickles of ice cream slid down, pooling in the bowl.

The frozen ice cream had been difficult to scoop. Now, as it formed a tepid, gooey mess, a fly, attracted by the sweetness, lodged itself in the stickiness. Moments later, it stopped struggling as she sat and watched.

Death by gluttony.
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I've been writing like a fiend lately. Back on my schedule of awakening a few hours before the sons and writing. It's been extremely productive, but one of the things I've noticed is that now I'm back in my groove, writing has become almost mechanical. Not in a bad way (I hope), but in a manner that feels I mustn't stop, mustn't interrupt my flow. I have certain things I want (NEED) to get out (plot, character shifts, etc.) and I feel like nothing can stop me from doing it. It feels amazing, but I just hope it produces something worthwhile.

Editing is going to be HUGE at this point. I'm making all sorts of Notes To Self through the ms.

The flash fiction challenge at mind_spark has been wonderful. A few writers have been attacked by plot dragons that seem to be consuming them (but the writers don't seem to mind, funny that). It's my sincerest hope that the community might serve to inspire original writing, whether flash or longer, for members. Please keep writing and using those wonderful imaginations of yours! (BTW, there are still a few prompts left on the last prompt table!)

How are things with you?

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Writer's Field Trip

Recently, I went on a field trip with my son's third-grade class to the Ohio Caverns. I took lots of photos, some of which are behind the cut, and the experience re-emphasized something I've read in writing books: Writers should take field trips.

Not necessarily with third-grade classes, of course.

Being in a different location, especially one that is strange and powerful, can be inspirational. Going to a forest in the middle of summer, when all the insects are humming around you and the air is humid and rich with the scent of plants could yield some wonderful descriptions for a plot based in woodlands. Visiting a frozen field covered in ice-crusted snow on a dark, windy day might allow you to convey cold, loneliness, and isolation in a way that might not be achieved otherwise. The caverns were cold, damp, and deathly still, truly otherworldly. I suppressed the urge to ask permission to visit them alone with my laptop and write. I'm going to draw on this experience for a portion of my novel, and just thought I'd share this idea with you all.

Write today!

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checking in

I thought this was strangely peaceful and inspiring. I hope you all have soemthing lovely to celebrate (accomplishing writing goals would be great!) this loooong weekend.

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Strunk and White

Strunk & White's Elements of Style has turned 50 and issued a commemorative edition. I listened to the NPR segment about this and was amused by a quote about the book from Dorothy Parker, one of my favorite authors.
    "If you have any young friends who aspire to become writers, the second greatest favor you can do them is to present them with copies of The Elements of Style. The first greatest, of course, is to shoot them now, while they're happy."

I'm especially thinking of authoress_susan and laudomia, who are both deep in the throes of writing. *hugs* The story can be found here, if you're interested.
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